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The role of our process servers is to witness the service of documents. Gotcha process servers can immediately and economically serve documents throughout Australia as well as Internationally through our own dedicated process servers. Gotcha will attend properties at any time day or night to achieve the desired result at no additional charge, even out of hours, or on weekends and holidays. Gotcha has experienced agents that can perform and carry out hard to difficult matters anywhere, anytime. Gotcha are specialists in the serving of Family Law Orders, Divorce Orders, Final Orders, Children Recovery Orders and more. We can also serve documents for County, Federal and Supreme Courts and VCAT Applications.

Document service is controlled by State Legislation as it is different in each state, but the general concept remains the same. Documents are mainly served by handing them to the person or leaving it at a specified place. An affidavit is completed, detailing how the matter was served or an affidavit of attempted service detailing how many attempts were made to effect service, or the file is returned unserved. Some Federal documents may be served by anyone but it is recommended that you use a professional process server for Divorce papers, for example.

Most court documents have a cut-off and must be served at least 7 days, 2 weeks, or 1 month before the hearing date. If the documents are not served by this time, an extension of time may be sought by the courts for a new court date to be set. Family law divorce orders are to be served 28 days before the hearing date, so basically one month before.

Gotcha has a proven record to effect urgent to non-urgent matters, so yes...
"Gotcha Does Get'em".



Gotcha Process Serving Agency - Process Serving If you require urgent service Gotcha has the ability to have an agent mobile to pick up your documents and affect service the same day. For serving Interstate, Gotcha has a vast network of Process Servers to carry out any difficult service. All our Process Servers, in each state, are licensed through state registries. At Gotcha we have 24-hour communication to handle any urgent matters.