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For foreign Affidavits and Certified Copies:

Only a Notary in Australia may witness an Affidavit or Statutory declaration, or certify/verify copied documents required for use in foreign countries.

Some foreign countries or their goverments may have additional requirements for having a Notary witness your signature. In some cases, it is necessary to have your notarised document legalised or authenticated by the Australian Goverment with the issue of an "apostille certificate". This helps to guarantee against fraudulent or improper witnessing.

Administration of Authentication Certificates, Red Seals and Stamps:

Notaries in Australia are permitted to prepare and execute legal documents for use in overseas countries as part of their statutory functions defined in the various state statutes by which they are appointed.

Australian appointees affix their identifying red seal or stamps to documents as near as possible to their witnessing signature. The cost of a Notary public in Australia for Authentication is $50.00 per single page. An Apostille seal is $100.00 per single page.







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