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Our Business Is Protecting Your Business - Across The Globe

Gotcha has a vast network of world-wide sources with brilliant, dedicated on-ground process servers. We work with a motive to expand our network, ensuring an effective presence in every country and providing service that is beyond your expectations.

If you are seeking results internationally, use Gotcha! We succeed where others fail.
We do "Get'em" so call today and allow us to serve you!

  • Photographic evidence can be provided for proof of personal service and for burden of proof.
  • Copies of affidavits of service, acknowledgment of service, or attempted service are scanned and emailed to you
  • Original documents sent by courier from our worldwide agents.
  • Gotcha provides worldwide service to local or remote areas under the Hague Convention.

Services available worldwide to:
Africa, Amsterdam, America, China, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, India, Ireland, Maylasia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Philippines, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ukrane, United Kingdom, and many other countries.

Note that some countries do not allow personal service by a private agent due to Australian treaties. If serving in a country where personal service is not allowed, Gotcha will go through diplomatic channels via the Australian Attorney General's Department in Canberra.

All documents are prepared by our agents and sworn by a notarised Affidavit of Service or Attempted Service.